Friday, March 13, 2015

The Festive Collection

There are five dragons in the Festive Collection:

Paradise Dragon    
Carnival Dragon
Tiny Dragon
Steampunk Dragon
Viking Dragon

Carnival Dragon is a Generation EX-II-b Exclusive Metal and Flame hybrid.
It's not breedable at the moment.
Hatching takes 20 hours.

Steampunk Dragon being a Generation II hybrid is the easiest of these to breed. It's pretty straight forward, flame and metal hybrid. Breeding and hatching take 16 hours.

It is easier to get the EX-II dragons by using hybrids as parents.

Paradise Dragon is a Generation EX-II Nature and Flame hybrid.
Breeding and hatching time are 20 hours.
Both parents need to be at level 10 or higher.

Tiny Dragon is a Generation EX-II-b Nature and Light hybrid.
Breeding takes 12 hours and hatching 16.
Both parents need to be at level 15 or higher.

Viking Dragonis a Generation EX-II-b Ice and Sea dragon.
The breeding and hatching both take 20 hours.
Both parents need to be at level 19 or higher.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Gaia Collection

There are five dragons in this collection:
Seahorse Dragon    
Plankton Dragon
Aurora Dragon
Deep Forest Dragon
Hammer Dragon

Seahorse dragon
sea + nature
Breeding takes 16 hours
hatching takes 20h

Plankton Dragon
Sea + Terra
Breeding and hatching both take 20h

You need to have high level dragons to get EX-II-b dragons, preferably on level 20 or higher.There are reported instances when the parents have been on a lower level (like 19...)

Aurora Dragon
Electric + Flame
Breeding and hatching both take 20 hours

Deep Forest Dragon
Nature + Terra
Breeding and hatching both take 20 hours

Hammer Dragon
Sea + Metal
Breeding takes 12 hours, hatching 16

The Legendary Collection

Legendary Dragon    
Wind Dragon
Mirror Dragon
Crystal Dragon

These are all legend dragons, which means they are Generation IV.

They are all breedable, the breeding and hatching takes 30 hours (2 days and 6 hours)

You need to have two pure/pure hybrids to get a legend dragon. It doesn't matter which other elements the parents have, they just need the pure element. I got my Wind with two Basilisks.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Bizarre Collection

There are five dragons in this collection:
Gummy Dragon    
Soccer Dragon
Petroleum Dragon
Pearl Dragon
Jade Dragon

Two of them are Generation III - the Gummy Dragon and Soccer Dragon. 
Try Electric and Cactus (T+N) or Nature and Chameleon (T+E) to get the Gummy Dragon;
Dark Fire (D+F) and Fluorescent (E+I) or Medieval (F+M) and Alpine (T+I) for the Soccer Dragon.

Gummy Dragon
Nature and Electric
Breeding and Hatching 10 h

Soccer Dragon
Ice and Flame
Breeding and Hatching 12 h

Petroleum Dragon
Sea and Dark
Breeding and Hatching 16 h

Pearl Dragon
Ice and Metal
Breeding and Hatching 16 hours

Jade Dragon
Nature and Metal
Breeding and Hatching 16 hours

The Dragons in this collection have random elements.

The Frosty Collection

There are five dragons also in the Frosty Collection:
Ice Dragon   
Blizzard Dragon
Icecube Dragon
Alpine Dragon
Cool Fire Dragon

All Dragons except Blizzard Dragon have Ice elements.

Ice Dragon is Generation I dragon, which means that you buy the egg when you get to level 14. (Or get one as a present from your Dragon City friends).
Its breeding and hatching times are both 12 hours.

Blizzard Dragon is Sea and Flame dragon hybrid.
Breeding time 2 hours
Hatching time 2 hours

Icecube Dragon = Sea + Ice (Usually found in a mystery egg)
Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

Alpine Dragon = Terra + Ice
Breeding time 16 hours
Hatching time 16 hours

Cool Fire Dragon is Generation III, meaning that it has two opposite elements; Flame and Ice. It cannot be bred directly from Ice and Flame dragons, you have to use hybrids, and good parents are
Alpine (T+I) and Medieval (F+M) or
Flame and Fluorescent (E+I) or
Ice and Hot Metal (E+F)

Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

The Heavy Metal Collection

The Heavy Metal Collection consists of five dragons;
Metal Dragon
Gold Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Platinum Dragon
Armadillo Dragon

Metal dragon is Generation I dragon you get on level 18. (Or "get" - you can buy it when you reach level 18, with gold, but it's not too expensive.)
It's breeding and hatching time is 10 hours each.

Gold Dragon = Metal + Electric
Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

Mercury Dragon = Metal + Sea
Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

Platinum Dragon = Metal + Ice
Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

Armadillo Dragon is a bit tricky, because it's Metal plus Terra, and these are opposite elements, which means that you need a hybrid to breed Armadillo. You need a metal hybrid with Terra or terra hybrid with Metal.
The easiest way to breed Armadillo is to breed Double Metal with Double Terra, but these dragons are exclusive and not breedable, so try with Metal and Flaming Rock (F+T) or Terra and Gold (M+E)
Like with the others, Armadillo Dragon's breeding and hatching time are both 12 hours.

The first 3 Dragons (when babies) have the same animation.
Metal, Gold and Platinum dragon look very much the same when grown up.

The Blue Planet Collection

There are five dragons in the Blue Planet Collection:   
Nenufar Dragon    
Waterfall Dragon
Coral Dragon
Penguin Dragon
Lantern Fish Dragon
All are Generation II, and the hardest part of collecting this is waiting to level 22 to get the Dark dragon and after that the Penguin Dragon.

Penguin and Lantern Fish Dragons are the only dragons that don't look like Dragons. Penguin Dragon is the only Dragon in the collection that has no Sea element.
(Double Ice Dragon plays with penguins and eats one of them...)

Nenufar Dragon = Sea + Nature
Breeding 6 hours
Hatching 6 hours

Waterfall Dragon = Sea + Terra
Breeding 4 hours
Hatching 4 hours

Coral Dragon = Sea + Nature
Breeding 12 hours
Hatching 12 hours

Penguin Dragon = Ice + Dark
Breeding 15 hours
Hatching 15 hours

Lantern Fish Dragon = Sea + Electric
Breeding 10 hours
Hatching 10 hours

The Scary Collection

There are five dragons also in The Scary Collection:
Dark Dragon    
Vampire Dragon
Pirate Dragon
Zombie Dragon
Rattlesnake Dragon

Now, Dark Dragon is Generation I but you have to be on level 22 before you can get it, and then you probably should buy it.
It takes 12 hours to breed it and 12 hours to hatch it.

Vampire Dragon = Flame + Dark
breeding time 16 hours
hatching time 16 hours

Pirate Dragon = Sea + Dark
breeding time 15 hours
hatching time 15 hours

Zombie Dragon = Metal + Dark
breeding time 12 hours
hatching time 12 hours

Rattlesnake Dragon = Dark + Nature
breeding time 12 hours
hatching time 12 hours

This is a relatively easy collection to collect.

The Red Hot Collection

There are five dragons in the Red Hot collection:
Firebird Dragon
Flaming Rock Dragon
Volcano Dragon
Spicy Dragon
Medieval Dragon

All these are level II dragons, so they are easy to breed.

Firebird Dragon Flame + Nature
Breeding 10 h
Hatching 10 h

Flaming Rock Dragon Terra + Flame
Breeding 30 seconds
Hatching 30 seconds

Volcano Dragon Flame + Terra
Breeding 1 minute
Hatching 1 minute

Spicy Dragon Flame + Nature
Breeding 10 h
Hatching 10 h

Medieval Dragon Flame + Metal
Breeding 12 h
Hatching 12 h

The Monstrous Collection

The dragons in the Monstrous Collection are:
Mud Dragon
Poo Dragon
Tropical Dragon
Hedgehog Dragon
Carnivore Plant Dragon

All Dragons except Carnivore Plant Dragon have Terra elements.

You get the Mud Dragon by breeding Terra and Sea,
Tropical Dragon by breeding Terra and Nature
Hedgehog Dragon by breeding Terra and Dark
Carnivore Plant Dragon by breeding Dark and Nature
All these are Generation II dragons, meaning you get them by breeding simply elemental dragons.

Poo Dragon is Generation EX-II-d. a bit special. It's Terra + Sea + Dark hybrid, which means that you need at least one hybrid parent.

Now the requirements seem to change all the time!
You won't be able to get a Poo with Terra and Twister anymore.

You have only FIVE PERCENT'S CHANGE to get a poo dragon at ANY breeding.

The best chances are to breed

Mirror and Crystal are Legend dragons

Aztec is a breedable Terra + Flame
Sky dragon is a breedable Terra + Electric
Lantern Fish is a breedable Sea + Electric
Treasure is a breedable Metal + Terra

The other legendary dragons give only 0.05% change, so get yourself a Mirror or a Crystal dragon before attempting to breed the Poo dragon. It will take you some three months to get it in any case.

Mud Dragon
breeding time 6 h
hatching time 6 h

Poo Dragon
breeding time 15 h
hatching time 15 h

Tropical Dragon
breeding time 10 h
hatching time 10 h

Hedgehog Dragon
breeding time 12 h
hatching time 12 h

Carnivore Plant Dragon
breeding time 16 h
hatching time 16 h

Some notes about breeding

Use your gems in the first phases of the game to upgrade your hatchery and to get breeding tree and breeding sanctuary.

Do not upgrade the breeding sanctuary too quickly!
The dragons unlocked at level 1 cannot be bred in Sanctuary level 7 and 8. 
As are the dragons unlocked at level 2 in Sanctuary level 8.

Level 1: Deep Red, Wizard, Ninja, Burning (best chances at Sanctuary level 3)
Level 2: Wyvern, Steam, Quake (best chances at Sanctuary level 4)
Level 3: Dujur, Gargoyle, Magnet, Apocalypse (best chances at Sanctuary level 5)
Level 4: Blue, Glacial, Howl, Promethium (best chances at Sanctuary level 4-5)
Level 5: Meteor, Forge, Abyss (best chances at Sanctuary level 5)
Level 6: Supersonic, Sylvan, Dark Elf
Level 7: Mirage, Core, Unity, Acoustic
Level 8: Millenium, Master, Basilisk, Greenfluid

Difficulty groups

Some elements are harder to breed than others. Elements are divided into three difficulty groups:

    Difficulty Group 1: Sea and Nature
    Difficulty Group 2: Terra and Flame
    Difficulty Group 3: Electric, Ice, Metal and Dark


Generation I: The Elemental Dragons. These Dragons have only one Element.
They can be bred by breeding two elementals of the same element or two hybrids both with the desired element, but they are easier to get by buying them at the store. They cost gold, and not much.
Everyone begins with the basic elements; Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice and Metal. Later comes Dark, which is still Generation I dragon.
Light and War elemental dragons (Archangel Dragon and War Dragon) are Generation I-b.
Pure elemental dragons (Pure Dragon) are Generation I-c

Generation II: the hybrid dragons. These dragons have two or more elements and can be bred. Some hybrids are easier to bred than others.
The same way as with Generation I, Generation II-b are the light and war hybrids and Generation II-c are the pure hybrids.

Generation III: the rare hybrids. These dragons have two elements that are opposites. Can be bred.

Generation III-b: Stage 3 rare hybrids. These dragons have 3 elements where two are opposites of each other.

Generation IV: the Legend Dragons. Legend is not an element, so they work as wildcards in breeding. Breeding together two legends results in a random egg. Legends are breedable, you need a Pure/Pure hybrid in order to get a legend.

Generation X or EX: the exclusive dragons

Generation EX-II: The Exclusive Hybrid Dragon. Can be bred. Both parents need to be at level 10 or higher.

Generation EX-II-b: Both parents need to be at level 15 or higher.

Generation EX-II-c: Both parents need to be at level 20 or higher.

Generation EX-II-d: Breedable. Must be unlocked.

Generation EX-III: The Exclusive Rare Hybrid Dragon. These Dragons can be bred using two different Hybrids. Both parents need to be at level 10 or higher.

Generation EX-III-b: Both parents need to be at level 15 or higher.

Generation EX-III-c: Both parents need to be at level 20 or higher.

Generation EX-III-d: Breedable. Must be unlocked.

Generation EX-T: The Exclusive Themed Dragon. This dragon can't be bred.

Generation EX-S: The Exclusive Mobile Dragons. At the moment, there's only the Elements dragon.

The Elemental Collection

5 dragons, none of them breedable. That means that you have to buy them, but they all cost gold, not gems, so it won't be a problem.
These are the basic dragons everyone starts the game with.

Terra Dragon
Flame Dragon
Sea Dragon
Nature Dragon
Electric Dragon

Now, there are other elemental dragons, that are not breedable. They are
Ice Dragon and it's in The Frosty Collection
Metal Dragon and it's in The Heavy Metal Collection
Dark Dragon and it's in The Scary Collection
The Light Elemental Dragon is called Archangel Dragon and it's in The Basic Light Collection
War Dragon and it's in The Basic War Collection
Pure Dragon and it's in The First Pure Collection

Legend is not really an element, so there is no elemental legend dragon.
The Legend Dragons are:
Legendary Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Nirobi Dragon
Droconos Dragon
Wind Dragon
Mirror Dragon
Robin Hood Dragon

Dragon Book or Book of Dragons

In Dragon City the players are encouraged to breed Dragons and raise them. One part of that is The Dragon Book. The game developers have divided most of the dragons into collections, and the players get gems for completing the collections. The Dragon Book is sort of a checklist of these collections.
Every dragon in the collection is counted thrice, as level 1, level 4 and level 7.

There are 36 collections, and they are:

The Elemental Collection
The Monstrous Collection
The Red Hot Collection
The Scary Collection
The Blue Planet Collection
The Heavy Metal Collection
The Frosty Collection
The Legendary Collection
The Bizarre Collection
The Heaven & Earth Collection
The Sparky Collection
The Hot & Cold Collection
The First Pure Collection
The Second Pure Collection
The Tough Collection
The Festive Collection
The Gaia Collection
The Sky Masters Collection
The Multiheaded Collection
The Elder Collection
The Happy Collection
The Luxurious Collection
The Basic Light Collection
The Advanced Light Collection
The Basic War Collection
The Advanced War Collection
The Scarers Collection
The Vigorous Collection
The Sinuous Collection
The Rational Collection
The Underverse Collection
The Mineral Collection
The Age Collection
The Asian Collection
The Big Horns Collection
The Big Wings Collection

Don't try to collect them in this order. The monstrous collection is notoriously hard to collect.

The elements of Dragon City

Symbol - alternative symbol (One sees this every now and then when fighting the dragons.)












(Not really an element, they say, but it works like one, at least at this point of the game - I'm on level 36)

Ancient elements (Ancient Island, through portal)

Dragon City: fighting

element symbol - element name - weak against these elements - strong against these - immune

terra - weak against metal and war - strong against terra and flame - immune to electricity
Terra does double damage to Nature and Dark, half damage to Terra and Metal and no damage to Sea

flame - weak against water and electricity - strong against flame and metal - immune to light
Flame does double damage to Sea and Ice, half damage to Terra and Flame and no damage at all to Metal

sea - weak against flame and war - strong against water and nature - immune to terra
Sea does double damage to Flame and Electric, half damage to Sea and no damage to Nature

nature - weak against terra and ice - strong against nature and light - immune to water
Nature does double damage to Dark and Light, half damage to Sea and Nature

electric - weak against sea and light - strong against electric and war - immune to metal
Electric does double damage to Flame and Metal, half damage to Electric and Dark and no damage to Terra

ice - weak against flame and metal - strong against ice and dark - immune to war
Ice does double damage to Nature, half damage to Ice and Light and no damage to Dark

metal - weak against electric and dark - strong against terra and metal - immune toflame
Metal does double damage to Terra and Ice, half damage to Flame and Metal and no damage to Electric

dark - weak against terra, nature and light - strong against electric and dark - immune toice
Dark does double damage to Metal and Light, half damage to Ice and Dark

light - weak against nature and dark - strong against light and ice - immune to nothing
Light does double damage to Electric and Dark, half damage to Nature and Light and no damage to Flame.

war - weak against water and ice - strong against war - immune to nature

pure dragons have no weaknesses, but they do only half the damage to other pure dragons

legendary dragons do double damage to other legendary dragons and physical attacks do only half the damage to them.

When fighting dragons, physical attacks are always unaffected, except when fighting legendary dragons.


Your dragons advance in rank by winning, and this is marked with stars.
Your dragon gets its first bronze star after beating 5 other dragons, and it gets 5% more hit points with the star.

1 bronze star - 5 defeated dragons - 5% bonus
2 bronze stars - 15 defeated dragons - 10% bonus
3 bronze stars - 35 defeated dragons - 15% bonus
1 silver star - 60 defeated dragons - 20% bonus
2 silver stars - 90 defeated dragons - 25% bonus
3 silver stars - 120 defeated dragons - 30% bonus
1 gold star - 160 defeated dragons - 35% bonus
2 gold stars - 200 defeated dragons - 40% bonus
3 gold stars - 250 defeated dragons - 45% bonus

HP - Hit Points

Every dragon has hit points, that are based on the specific dragon breed; the level of the dragon, the rank of the dragon and something called "the tier" - there are 5 different tiers of dragons, and the dragons on different tiers have different hit points... These tiers don't seem to be related to anything, really. I just assume every dragon breed has a base tier that changes by training and fighting experience, but I don't know.  
One really doesn't need to care about that much, just keep feeding the dragons to as high levels as possible, keep training and keep fighting, to keep your dragons strong.

I made these cute little images, because I like colors and dragons :-D

The idea is that the main dragon is on the left, behind it is its best buddy, who does half the damage, and against them are those who do double damage. The one turned away is the one element the main dragon is immune to.
As you can see, the pairs are pretty random.
I suppose I could add the dragons that these dragons do double damage and half damage as well...

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