Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Elemental Collection

5 dragons, none of them breedable. That means that you have to buy them, but they all cost gold, not gems, so it won't be a problem.
These are the basic dragons everyone starts the game with.

Terra Dragon
Flame Dragon
Sea Dragon
Nature Dragon
Electric Dragon

Now, there are other elemental dragons, that are not breedable. They are
Ice Dragon and it's in The Frosty Collection
Metal Dragon and it's in The Heavy Metal Collection
Dark Dragon and it's in The Scary Collection
The Light Elemental Dragon is called Archangel Dragon and it's in The Basic Light Collection
War Dragon and it's in The Basic War Collection
Pure Dragon and it's in The First Pure Collection

Legend is not really an element, so there is no elemental legend dragon.
The Legend Dragons are:
Legendary Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Nirobi Dragon
Droconos Dragon
Wind Dragon
Mirror Dragon
Robin Hood Dragon

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