Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dragon City: fighting

element symbol - element name - weak against these elements - strong against these - immune

terra - weak against metal and war - strong against terra and flame - immune to electricity
Terra does double damage to Nature and Dark, half damage to Terra and Metal and no damage to Sea

flame - weak against water and electricity - strong against flame and metal - immune to light
Flame does double damage to Sea and Ice, half damage to Terra and Flame and no damage at all to Metal

sea - weak against flame and war - strong against water and nature - immune to terra
Sea does double damage to Flame and Electric, half damage to Sea and no damage to Nature

nature - weak against terra and ice - strong against nature and light - immune to water
Nature does double damage to Dark and Light, half damage to Sea and Nature

electric - weak against sea and light - strong against electric and war - immune to metal
Electric does double damage to Flame and Metal, half damage to Electric and Dark and no damage to Terra

ice - weak against flame and metal - strong against ice and dark - immune to war
Ice does double damage to Nature, half damage to Ice and Light and no damage to Dark

metal - weak against electric and dark - strong against terra and metal - immune toflame
Metal does double damage to Terra and Ice, half damage to Flame and Metal and no damage to Electric

dark - weak against terra, nature and light - strong against electric and dark - immune toice
Dark does double damage to Metal and Light, half damage to Ice and Dark

light - weak against nature and dark - strong against light and ice - immune to nothing
Light does double damage to Electric and Dark, half damage to Nature and Light and no damage to Flame.

war - weak against water and ice - strong against war - immune to nature

pure dragons have no weaknesses, but they do only half the damage to other pure dragons

legendary dragons do double damage to other legendary dragons and physical attacks do only half the damage to them.

When fighting dragons, physical attacks are always unaffected, except when fighting legendary dragons.


Your dragons advance in rank by winning, and this is marked with stars.
Your dragon gets its first bronze star after beating 5 other dragons, and it gets 5% more hit points with the star.

1 bronze star - 5 defeated dragons - 5% bonus
2 bronze stars - 15 defeated dragons - 10% bonus
3 bronze stars - 35 defeated dragons - 15% bonus
1 silver star - 60 defeated dragons - 20% bonus
2 silver stars - 90 defeated dragons - 25% bonus
3 silver stars - 120 defeated dragons - 30% bonus
1 gold star - 160 defeated dragons - 35% bonus
2 gold stars - 200 defeated dragons - 40% bonus
3 gold stars - 250 defeated dragons - 45% bonus

HP - Hit Points

Every dragon has hit points, that are based on the specific dragon breed; the level of the dragon, the rank of the dragon and something called "the tier" - there are 5 different tiers of dragons, and the dragons on different tiers have different hit points... These tiers don't seem to be related to anything, really. I just assume every dragon breed has a base tier that changes by training and fighting experience, but I don't know.  
One really doesn't need to care about that much, just keep feeding the dragons to as high levels as possible, keep training and keep fighting, to keep your dragons strong.

I made these cute little images, because I like colors and dragons :-D

The idea is that the main dragon is on the left, behind it is its best buddy, who does half the damage, and against them are those who do double damage. The one turned away is the one element the main dragon is immune to.
As you can see, the pairs are pretty random.
I suppose I could add the dragons that these dragons do double damage and half damage as well...

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