Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Frosty Collection

There are five dragons also in the Frosty Collection:
Ice Dragon   
Blizzard Dragon
Icecube Dragon
Alpine Dragon
Cool Fire Dragon

All Dragons except Blizzard Dragon have Ice elements.

Ice Dragon is Generation I dragon, which means that you buy the egg when you get to level 14. (Or get one as a present from your Dragon City friends).
Its breeding and hatching times are both 12 hours.

Blizzard Dragon is Sea and Flame dragon hybrid.
Breeding time 2 hours
Hatching time 2 hours

Icecube Dragon = Sea + Ice (Usually found in a mystery egg)
Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

Alpine Dragon = Terra + Ice
Breeding time 16 hours
Hatching time 16 hours

Cool Fire Dragon is Generation III, meaning that it has two opposite elements; Flame and Ice. It cannot be bred directly from Ice and Flame dragons, you have to use hybrids, and good parents are
Alpine (T+I) and Medieval (F+M) or
Flame and Fluorescent (E+I) or
Ice and Hot Metal (E+F)

Breeding time 12 hours
Hatching time 12 hours

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